House Rules

These House Rules are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all staff and Licensee at Charnwood-House. Failure to adhere to these rules constitutes a breach of License conditions and may ultimately result in the loss of your accommodation. By admission to Charnwood House and signing these rules, you are agreeing to the terms of your stay at Charnwood House.

1. Drugs/Alcohol – illegal drugs or alcohol are not allowed on the premises. Anyone found to be in possession would be in breach of his or her terms of License and will be evicted immediately.

2. Noise Levels – respect others living around you, noise must be kept to a reasonable level. If you can be heard outside of the room you are in, the levels may be considered unreasonable and constitute a noise nuisance.

3. Visitors – Two visitors are allowed for each resident at one time. All Licensee are requested to notify a member of staff when they have visitors for Health & Safety

purposes. Please Note that visiting times to Charnwood House are:

12:00 noon to 8:30pm (Monday – Friday),

And 12:00pm to 10:00pm (Saturday & Sunday).

Overnight visitors are not permitted. Visitors should remain in communal areas. This is the lounge or dining area.

Note that you are responsible for the behaviour/actions of any visitors and therefore will be held responsible,

4. Staying Out/Returning Late – The front doors to Charnwood House are locked at 1.00AM

You should not be away from Charnwood House for more than 3 nights in any week. However, special arrangements can be made if you are going on holiday – for example if there is an emergency and you need to return home later than midnight you should contact a staff member in advance to discuss this upon your return.. Please advise a staff member if you are staying out so that we know you are safe and well. If you are away for 48 hours without notification, we will endeavour to contact you to ensure your safety. Charnwood House no is – 01789204321

5. Cleanliness – As a resident you are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy. You are responsible for leaving the hallways and communal areas clean and tidy also.

6. Health & Safety – All Licensees have a responsibility to report any hazards, damage, or repairs that they become aware of. Repairs or damage caused by you or your visitors will result in a charge if found to be wilful or intentional.

7. Use of Rooms – It is not acceptable to cook in your bedroom due to Health & Safety risks. Cooking facilities are provided and are available for your use from

7 am – 10 pm. If you need use of facilities outside of these times due to any reason

Please speak to a staff member..

8. Damages – Individual Licensees are responsible for any damages done to their lock, or damages caused to their room upon receiving their key, except wear and tear damages. These damages include any deliberate tampering with the smoke sensors the client will be expected to foot any costs incurred in the replacement or repair of this vital piece of safety equipment.

9. Protection from Abuse – Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. We all have the right to live and work free from fear in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

The Protection from Abuse Policy explains the procedures for dealing with abusive behaviour.

10. Support Service – Your accommodation has been provided in order for us to

deliver an identified support service to you. You are expected on this basis to attend your sessions or provide at least 48 hours notice to rearrange. If you fail to attend on more than 3 occasions without reasonable cause this will result in questioning your need for our services.

11. Changes to the delivery of Service – From time to time, it may be necessary to

Amend the House Rules to meet the needs of our Licensees. You will be notified of any such changes in writing.

12. Residents Meetings – Are held monthly and you are required to attend. If you are unable to attend, you need to contact a staff member to discuss this at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

13. Keys – You are expected to keep your keys safe and not to lend them or give them to anyone. A deposit of £15.00 is required for your keys when taking up a placement at Charnwood House. This is refundable when you hand the keys in when leaving. If you are going to be away for 3 nights or more you must sign your keys in to a member of staff and sign for them upon your return. If you lose your keys please inform member of staff who will open your door for you. If another set of keys are to be cut this will cost £15.00 or the loss of the original deposit.

14. Warnings – A licensee violating the house rules will receive two verbal warnings followed by a formal written warning and disciplinary hearing. Should the situation recur then an eviction notice will be given.

15. Smoking – Absolutely no smoking in your room or other areas of the house. Residents can smoke at the designated place in the garden or outside the house.

16. Please note that residents are only allowed ONE other resident in their room at any time and that person MUST leave before Note: the resident must also be of the same sex.

17. Eviction – Evicted licensees will be given one weeks notice to look for alternative accommodation unless they have committed a serious breach of their tenancy e.g. the misuse of drugs or alcohol, vandalism or assaulting a member of staff.

18. Laundry – The Laundry room is open during staff hours, to gain access you should contact a member of staff. Residents are allowed to do 1 main wash per week, and each person will be allocated a day to do theirs. In the first month Charnwood House will provide you with bedding, cutlery and crockery, after this time you will be expected to provide your own, so that when you move on you can take them with you.

19. Notice – All residents must give at least one weeks notice before leaving the accommodation. A form will be given to you and you must sign and date it – with the start of the notice and the end date of which you will be leaving.

20. Property – Residents who store any personal items in the basement do so at their own risk, Charnwood House will not take responsibility for any lost items. The cost of insuring any personal items or money is the residents’ own responsibility, for which the proprietors (management) accept no liability unless they are handed over for safe keeping – and for which a receipt will be issued.

21. Electric items – Residents must advise staff of any electrical items in their rooms for Health & Safety reasons.

22. Loitering – is not allowed outside the premises.

23. Harassment or violence that is either verbal or physical towards staff or other residents will not be tolerated. Actions will be taken which may lead to termination of your tenancy.

24. Trial period – all residents are admitted on a 1 month trial period .Should either the resident or Charnwood House seek to terminate the tenancy at the end of this period, it should be indicated in writing on or before the 3rd week of tenancy.

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